Thank you so much for these. You’ve been so thorough and there are so many photo’s Rich and I love.
Kii Wedding photography was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.
From the very beginning we felt assured by their professionalism and enthusiasm to deliver the highest quality for our big day.
We were so pleased with the finished outcome that we are now placing additional copy orders. They surpassed our expectations.
We’d like to thank Kii Photography for delivering an impeccable service on what was one of the most important days of our lives.
– Michelle & Richard


Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful memory for us. We cannot thank you enough.
We were really excited to see this and it has surpassed all expectations, it was honestly such a wonderful surprise!
– Yasmin & Pratik


Thank you for sending the photos through, they’re absolutely beautiful! We’re really happy with them.
– Steph & Curt


“Suki and Ikin have a natural talent – they don’t just take photos, they create art!
Our engagement shoot was on a wet and windy day – yet the photos were amazing, exceeding all our expectations.
They really used the natural elements on the day to create atmospheric shots that captured the essence of our relationship.
I’m thrilled that they’ll be taking the photos at our wedding, and I can’t wait to see them!!!”

(After the wedding day…)
They are really wonderful – they capture so much emotion.
It’s amazing but we hardly noticed you around most of the day so it’s a surprise to see so many photos!
Thank you so much and I have no idea how we will choose what goes into the album!!
– Judi & Chris


Firstly thank you and Erika for all your hard work last Saturday. We were very impressed with the efficiency and we had an amazing day celebrating.
Secondly – the photos are absolutely amazing!! We both love the photos and can’t wait to see the finished product.
Thirdly – thank you for making my shoes look fabulous 🙂
– Mani & Suguru


They’re absolutely incredible! You and Ikin have done an amazing job with capturing the moments of our special day perfectly.
The photos are amazing! Both of you have done a really good job!
– Annabel & Jenhao

I absolute LOVE it.  You did such an amazing job… Of it all! Thank you both very much.
We are so very delighted with the albums and frame. You have done a fantastic job.
– Trish & Chris


IT’S AMAZING. We love it. I’ve watched it so many times already. Amazing pics. Thank you so much :o)
– Reshma & Pritesh

We had a fantastic experience and thoroughly enjoyed working with you both during our Wedding days.
You are both very professional, reliable and caused no concerns at all for us on the days, you guys really did a great job and thank you so much for that.
Thank you once again for being a joy to work with on our wedding days. Capturing our wedding in pictures and video, that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

– Mary & Johnny

Thank you very much for the lovely photos (although we have not finished seeing them) but we love them already 🙂

– Rafah & Majd

Before anything I must give you a huge big thank you for Saturday night. I cannot tell you how grateful I am of your attendance and not to mention the job you did. It was fabulous! I am so pleased I chose Kii photography. I am so happy with how you did your job. Your professionalism, skills and manner were amazing.

I also had amazing feedback from ALL my guests about you, they were amazed at how good you were and patient! Their exact words: “where did you find this photographer?! He is different compared to other photographers, so organised and knew exactly what to do”. And everyone was so happy with your pleasantness. Everybody praised you and I got a lot of credits for selecting and hiring you.

– Nilufa & Halim

Thank you so much for our wedding photos, they are amazing we absolutely love them!! 😀

They really capture the day, bringing back memories and also moments we didn’t see happening!
– Shuk Yin & Patrick

Omg! Absolutely fantastic… Raj is so busy but the ones we have seen are amazing…
– Minal & Raj

Thank you for the link to our photos. I’m getting nerves viewing them. It just takes me back completely to how special this day was and we absolutely love them all!!
– Candy & Bartek

That was really quick! The pictures are lovely, can’t stop looking at them 🙂 Thanks again Suki, you and Ikin made this experience fun and stress free. Would definitely recommend you guys to friends in the UK.

– Rachael & Joseph (from the Philippines)

Brilliant wedding photographers, lovely guys to work with, very respectful, patient and awesome pictures. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys, will definitely use them in the future for family shots! Thank you SO much Suki and Ikin, it was an absolute pleasure working with you.

– Bhavisha & Jonathan

We are so very happy with the work that you have done!
– Laura & Max

Wow!!! We’re in Bangkok right now on our honeymoon and have just stayed up till 4am to look through everything. They look fantastic! (obviously)
– Meera & Ravi

Wow! You’ve really captured the character of the church. I love these shots! Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of our wedding day.
– Louisa & Ben

They are fab! Love the way the day has been captured! Gary and I sure do have a lot of expressions! Thanks so much! We are so pleased and happy with the photos! 🙂 I think we have too many favourites!!!

– Angela & Gary

We are thankful to you both for your outstanding photography & videography. For being the most skillful, professional, nicest, kindest, most genuine people we could hope to meet.

You have both played a huge part in the two biggest milestones in our life. Whenever we see the photos/videos it takes us back in time, as if it were our wedding day & Brandon’s Baptism again. Thank you so much for capturing images & videos, which we will look back fondly with love and cherish for a lifetime.

You have both once again far exceeded our expectations; we are such fans of your work!

Words truly cannot express my gratitude to you both… it really means so much to me. These are more than just photos & videos, it’s so personal & emotional, and I can’t thank you both enough for gifting us with these memories of the happiest days of our lives.

Thank you both once again, thank you, thank you… 🙂

– Sharon & Chris

I’ve been flicking through some of the wedding photos and would just like to thank you for what a great job you have done! I haven’t gone through them thoroughly as there are so many but you’ve definitely captured the key moments… THANK YOU! Despite the weather (and me sooo not being a photogenic type) you guys have done a fantastic job, please thank Ikin too. We’ll definitely be recommending you!
– Alison & Harry

The photos are absolutely amazing. We love them! 🙂
– Amie & Bob

Thanks for taking these beautiful pre-wedding photos for us!

– Hovin and Sum

We love the photos, they are brilliant, they really capture the whole day!
– Julianne & Mark


Thank you so much for the links, they are amazing pictures!  You’ve really captured everything and more, thank you.
– Claire & Ross


Thanks so much for sending the link to all the photos for the first day – they look great! We’ve had a quick look now and are really enjoying going through them! 🙂
We loved what you guys have done.
-Jasmina & Sumit


On behalf of Chien and I we wanted to thank you both so much for making our day and capturing our special moments.
– Jennifer & Chien


Thanks again for the photos! They are truly amazing.
-Juliet & James


…they’re amazing! Love the work that you have done!
– Ekta & Kishan


 The video and pictures are amazing. We love them!
– Hetal & Rangi


Fangxin and I have been slowly going through them and must say that guys did a fantastic job capturing the events of the day so thank you guys again for all your help!
– Yik & Fangxin


Both of us are so impressed. So happy to have you two. Really like the style of the photos and captured every moment on the day.
– Suki & Ronald


 ‘Yi and I watched the wedding video last night. Several times actually! We think it is amazing — you have done the most wonderful job for us, your creativity and artistry is really something quite special and we are both absolutely delighted with the result. The video is beautiful, moving and tells the story in an incredible way — and it works really well with the music. You’ve managed to capture the mood and the characters of all the players completely!’

– Yi & David